Architectural Morphology 2013


Final seminar


ResArc student Muna Mohammad Alibrahim will discuss her draft PhD thesis:

Effects of art and design on users’ orientation in a hospital environment - A study of newcomers’ wayfinding in a Swedish hospital setting


Time: Friday 26th October, at 10:00.

Place: Room 5057, A-building


Reader: Anders Warell, Professor, Department of Design Sciences, LTH


Main Supervisor: Lars-Henrik Ståhl, Professor, Architecture and built environment, LTH


Co-Supervisors: Gunnar Sandin, Docent; Anna Petersson, Senior lecturer, Architecture and built environment, LTH


Swedish Research School in Architecture

Architectural Morphology: Investigative Modeling and Spatial Analysis


May 2013


The research workshop Architectural Morphology: Investigative modeling and spatial analysis is meant as a beginning or a point of departure, in research and for coming events revolving around modeling and spatial analysis in architecture. With speakers of considerable repute within the field commonly referred to as Space Syntax, as well as in other Architectural fields, it is meant to communicate cutting edge analytical, configurative modeling as well as explore relations to other modeling and analytical traditions in architectural research. Furthermore, through the participation of AEDAS R&D and the experience of many of the speakers, the relation between modeling and analysis in research and practice will be highlighted and discussed. While a research workshop, the event is open for researchers, students, and the general public and the talks will aim to be valuable for both experts and the interested or curious


The speakers draw from international expertise in research and practice, and combines computational design, urban morphology, and space syntax research, amongst other fields. The speakers, John Peponis (GeorgiaTech), Sophia Psarra (UCL the Bartlett), Meta Berghauser-Pont (TU Delft), Ermal Shpuza (Southern Polytechnic State), Christian Derix (AEDAS), Åsmund Izaki (AEDAS), Ulrika Karlsson (KTH), Pablo Miranda Carranza (KTH), and Daniel Koch (KTH) all have experience in both design and research, with different emphasis.


The event is arranged by the EU FP7 Project RIBS, in co-operation with the Strong Research Environment Architecture in Making and ResArc.


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