Facts and Fictions

Swedish Research School in Architecture

   Facts and Fictions

The 10th Annual AHRA Research Student Symposium: Facts and Fictions took place on May 3-4, and was hosted at the Lund School of Architecture. During the open event, 21 PhD students from around the world presented and discussed their work in front of an audience that reunited senior researchers and PhD candidates from Sweden and Denmark. Mark Jarzombek, Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture at MIT School of Architecture and Planning lectured about Global History in a Non-Global World. The event concluded with an Excursion to the Fictive and Factual landscape of a future Science Village in Lund, guided by Sandra Kopljar, a ResArc enrolled PhD student at The School of Architecture in Lund. For more info, see the program (pdf).

Dedicated to a critical and constructive discussion, the abstract collection Facts and Fictions (pdf) deals with trans-disciplinary approaches to the fictive-factual duality of architecture.


Jemma Browne - Spatial Stories|Urban Memory

Jan Hietala - Closure and disclosure – a seemingly cool approach disclosing a hot subject

Eva Cheung - Behaviorological Study of the Fiction in Hong Kong and Guangzhou Streetscapes

Liz Walder - Smoke and mirrors: deconstructing the award for the RIBA Royal Gold Medal

Fredrik Torisson - Outlines of a Utopian Platform for Architecture Research

Lori Smithey - Three of Architecture’s Fictions: Metaphor, Mechanism, Movement

Thomas Rivard - Fictionalising Facts:  Mapping and Narrative as Instruments of Performative Urbanism

Costandis Kiziz - National and International Appropriations of Architectural Archetypes

Mark Jarzombek - Global History in a Non-Global World

Shuntaro Nozawa - Modernity at Home: the Making of Life-style and the Quest for Shumi (Taste) in Japan, 1905-1918

Christian Parreno - Boredom in Architectural Thought

Kasper Laegrin Nielsen - The Modern Movement between Formalism and Contextualism: The 1940s Monumentality Debate Revisited

Saeed Asgharzade - Architectural Theory and the “Is-Ought” Problem

Robert Gassner - Diachronic Studies of Dwellings – the Case Study of Two Houses in Vanløse by Architect Edvard Heiberg

Dan-Ionut Julean - Themes of the Jewish Diaspora: Facts and Fictions in Contemporary Architecture – the Case of Daniel Libeskind

Marie-Madeleine Ozdoba - The «International Style» through the prism of mass media and visual culture : The General Motors Technical Center (1949-1954)

Adrian Lo - Eisenman’s Paradoxical Traces of Fiction

Richard James MacCowan - Biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-what?

Hui-Ju Chang - The Modern Transformation of Meiji Authority Architecture through ‘Civilised’ Agents

Wiltrud Simbürger - Challenging the Bifurcation Monster. Towards a Generative Method for Architectural Investigation

Dana Pop - The Built Environment as a Mnemonic Device: Facts and Fiction

Phillip Langley - Tactile Programming: ‘Material Computing’ For Architectural Design

Sarah Rivière - Sedition, Stance and Structures of Rhetoric: Stasis is Not Static

Sandra Kopljar - Defining Brunnshög - on excursion and intervention into Science Village Lund

Mark Jarzombek - Supervising Architecture Research