Swedish Research School in Architecture



Upcoming dissertation: Att göra en klassiker


ResArc student Anna Wahlöö will publicly defend her doctoral thesis Att göra en klassiker: en studie om fenomenet moderna möbelklassiker i en samtida svensk kontext.


17 March 2017. 10.15 at room A:B, A-huset, Sölvegatan 24, Lund.


Opponent appointed by the faculty is Professor Christina Zetterlund, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm


The dissertation is held in Swedish.





Upcoming course: Tendencies in architectural and urban research: Focusing on everyday life


The upcoming course Tendencies in architectural and urban research: Focusing on everyday life provides opportunities for doctoral students to achieve an overview of trends, approaches and practices in contemporary architecture research. The course also provides a basic introduction to architecture theory, methodology and academic publication. We will discuss themes, theories and methods of research on everyday life.


Session 1: April 25-26

Session 2: June 13-14

Session 3: September 19-20 (Obs! The dates in September are preliminary.)


The course is held at School of Architecture, LTH, Lund University.


Confirmed guests: Prof. Albena Yaneva (Manchester University), Prof. Andrea Mubi Brighenti (University of Trento), PhD Jennifer Mack (KTH Stockholm), PhD Jesper Magnusson (Malmö University) and PhD Kajsa Lawaczeck Körner.


Deadline for course registration is March 31st. For more info, see the course description (pdf).





Upcoming dissertation: Mixed Substrate Computation


Public defense of the doctoral thesis Mixed Substrate Computation - Sensor Based Artificial Cognition for Architectural Design and Modification by ResArc student Stig Anton Nielsen.


27 January, 2017, 13:00 at Eko lecture hall, 1st floor, Chalmers Architecture, Eklandagatan 86, Gothenburg.


Supervisor: Monica Billger, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Examiner: Fredrik Nilsson, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology


Opponent: Phil Ayres, Associate Professor, CITA, Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark


More info and abstract at Chalmers Architecture.





Upcoming dissertation: How to think about a place not yet


Public defense of the doctoral thesis How to think about a place not yet - Studies of Affordance and Site-Based Methods for the Exploration of Design Professionals' Expectations in Urban Development Processes by Sandra Kopljar will take place at 13.15, Monday, December 19.


Opponent appointed by the Faculty is Dr Lina Olsson, Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University.


The dissertation is held in Fullskalelabbet, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, A-building, Sölvegatan 24, Lund.



PhD course: Exploring Fieldwork - A critical consideration of empirical methods and

habits-of-mind in design research. The course addresses the ‘field’ or site of ‘method’ in design-led research. Broadly, we are interested in exploring the back-and-forth interaction of research intentions and practices as these shape research outcomes. Registration date: Februari 15, 2017 More info (pdf).


Five PhD positions announced through The European Joint Doctorate Programme urbanHIST. Research fields: "Historiography of European urbanism", "Urbanism, political and development strategies" and "Urbanism, architecture and building of national identity". More info at urbanHIST.


Who defines the city's identity? Which stories are considered essential, and what makes them so? The conference Creating the city: Identity, memory and participation is organized by the Institute for Studies in Malmö's history, 9-10 February 2017. More info at MAH.


Call for papers: 6th Malmö Real Estate Research Conference, May 18-19, 2017. The conference theme is: Political instability and financial uncertainty – consequences for the real estate sector. Deadline for abstract submissions: 17 March 2017. More info at MAH.


Rurban Planning Talks is a collaboration between Chalmers Architecture and Institute of Urban History, Stockholm, aiming to create a dialogue between academy and planning practice. Registration deadline: February 28. More info at Chalmers Architecture..





Eschewing the slick, the finished and the true in favour of the tangential, the speculative and the fuzzy, LO-RES publishes essays on architecture that resonate at lower resolutions.




The abstract collection Facts and Fictions (pdf), published at the 10th Annual AHRA Research Student Symposium, is dedicated to a critical and constructive discussion on trans-disciplinary approaches to the fictive-factual duality of architecture.



The abstract collection Co-laborations - Sharing authorship and space in architectural and urban research (pdf) addresses the motivations and mechanisms of co-creation, co-making and co-writing, and how they form part of participatory practices.