Communications 2013

Communications - Staging the Message.

The Architecture of Communication

September 2013 - January 2014

This course intends to offer participants in-depth theoretical and practical tools for communication and media production.The project concentrates on the diversity of means of the ‘reflexive’ tradition that works in the tension between realistic imitation and selfconscious artifice, i.e. between presentation and representation.

With the course Staging the Message. The Architecture of Communication we will analyze, discuss, learn, test and develop – with the support of excellent scholars and practitioners from the field of the image, writing, editing, architecture and design - how the form(at) of your dissertation/research – right from the start, and during the development of your research as a whole – can enable you to critically reflect and develop its content through the interplay between content and form; while the chosen and developed form also will enable you to broadcast, (edit, communicate and mediate) your ideas (content) to an audience within our information age at large.

Guest professors: Els Kuijpers (NL), Barbara Maria Stafford (USA), Michael Rock (USA), Andreas Ruby (DE), Nader Vossoughian (USA), and Roemer van Toorn (SE). For details, see the course description (pdf).

Contents of the course is made available through its blog, Links to recordings of lectures, seminars and PhD presentations are listed below.