7 March 2014

Utopia–Talk–Show–Line–Up is a public ”rapid reading seminar”, open for PhD students as well as to a non-academic audience. The seminar is staged partly as a performance and partly as an open seminar, with the possibility to take active part in an extended final discussion. The event is made in co-operation with Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley (artists and designers of the event), Moderna Museet Malmö (host) and D! (The Swedish Design Faculty for Design Research and Research Education).

Utopia–Talk–Show–Line–Up is a staged reading of several 1-minute-texts about the ”architecture” of utopia, performed by 5 Readers, 1 Master of Ceremonies and 1 Cue Card Holder, followed by a second part of the event, which is a convivial sitting/discussion about what has just been heard, where the audience is invited to discuss with the readers, artists and organisers.


The event in Malmö is one in an international series of similar events, created by Warren and Mosley.

Below is a selection from the online video anthology that was generated by the event. The full video anthology and previous recordings can be found at Warren and Mosley.

Eric Snodgrass reads Yael Bartana (w/ Sebastian Cichocki), ‘Och Europa kommer att häpna / And Europe will be stunned’, Revolver Publishing, 2010, p.178-179

Ida Börjel reads The Invisible Committee ‘The Coming Insurrection’ La Fabrique, 2007, p. 19.

Ole Lykke Andersen reads Reich, Ebbe & Prins, Henning 'Langelands Manifesto', IMLADRIS, 1972.

Fredrik Torisson reads T.R.O.Y., 'The New World Disorder', Raketa Press, 2009. p. 52.

Lena Mattsson reads Allen Ginsberg 'Reality Sandwiches 1953-60', Pocket Poets, City Lights Pocket Poets Series, Number 18, 2005..